Automated Intelligence-Driven
Offensive Defense

The power of counterintelligence through
automated and preemptive cyber threat protection.
Proven method. New capabilities.

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Diskin Advanced Technologies is proud to be Gartner`s Cool Vendor in Security
and Risk Management Software for Technology and Service Providers 2018.

threat protectionthreat protection

Automated & preemptive cyber threat
against the dynamic
threat landscape

Organizations face a highly dynamic threat landscape that has left them in a defensive position struggling to make sense of the consistent stream of threat intelligence and security events that are all largely reactive, not relevant, and not actionable.

DAT solves this problem by taking an “Offensive Defense” approach to cyber threats by focusing on your adversaries directly. Using analytics to automate the identification and monitoring of your adversaries DAT is able to deliver consistent and timely preemptive threat intelligence automatically to your security systems to block targeted attacks.

The solution takes less than one day to integrate, requires no analyst time, and can be setup to take automated action.

when it comes to intelligence,
experience matters.

The DAT team is made up of senior counterintelligence experts
who believe that the dynamic adversary threat landscape
requires a dynamic solution and that cyber threats
could - and should - be prevented.